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Our Space Mission

Our Space Mission


At the end of March 2019, NASA cancelled their all female-space mission because they did not have a spacesuit that fit a female astronaut. If NASA can’t design a spacesuit for women, we will. THIS IS MY SPACESUIT. stands with all who are not given an equal opportunity to live out their dreams. If NASA won’t launch, we will. THIS IS MY SPACESUIT.

I am Shoshana (your fellow astronaut) and I am a student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.


This past March, I designed a clothing line (with other amazing astronauts) that brought space to the street using unconventional materials. I learned to sew and create a storyline through fashion that invited people to join a new galaxy.

When hearing about NASA’s decision, a flame erupted inside of me to create something that allowed anyone to blastoff. The product of these flames became THIS IS MY SPACESUIT.

To the astronaut wearing the clothing:

I invite you to launch your own space mission. While wearing THIS IS MY SPACESUIT. you can do anything to make a positive change in this world. You should dream big and use the many supportive people (astronauts) to conquer the next mission.

-your astronaut (Shoshana)